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Pop Capsule Podcast

Jun 30, 2022

The summer of movies is in full swing! Join us this week as we take a look at Like Mike (and the power of electrified shoes), Men in Black 2 (sequels vs. originals), Magic Mike (who needs plotlines?) and the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes divorce. Tune in now for all the details.

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Jun 23, 2022

We're hurtling towards summer at lightning speed which means it's the season for big blockbusters and songs of the summer! This week's topics are no exception - tune in now to hear our thoughts on Lilo and Stitch, Minority Report, 'Call Me Maybe' hitting number 1, and the death of Nora Ephron. 

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Jun 16, 2022

Grab your scooby snacks and buckle up because it's another wild week on the podcast! This week we take a look back at The Bourne Identity (Matt Damon as an action star), Scooby Doo (the controversial villian choice), Nik Wallenda (the family high wire business), and the 2nd annual Critics Choice TV awards. 

Jun 9, 2022

What's the sitch, you ask? Well start warming up those pipes because this is a music heavy episode! This week we take a look at teen hero Kim Possible (and the iconic theme song), the first season of American Idol (when Justin met Kelly!), the CMT Awards (the best country names) and the Tony Awards (James Corden...

Jun 2, 2022

We're just a pod, nostalgia's our thing....can we make it anymore obvious? This week we look back at season 1 of The Wire (good morning Baltimore!), the release of 'Let Go' by Avril Lavigne (the original pop punk princess) and the death of Richard Dawson (and why kissing people you meet is NOT A THING).